Making Shampoo Sheets

Making Shampoo Sheets

  Paper, Starch and Clay.


Shampoo Sheets are Sundried
Shampoo Sheets are Sundried



We start with the softest and strongest paper, that meet all the HairNerds requirements of being soft and free from damaging your hair.

  • Recycled Content:
  • Post-industrial: 90%
  • Post-consumer:10%
  • Neutral Ph
  • Sulfur free.
  • Acid free.



We use rice starch from Hol Grain its Non-GMO project verified. Certified gluten-free. Processed in a nut free facility. Hol Grain is the oldest rice mill in the USA. How cool is that!

Rice starch has great oil-absorbing properties, rice starch helps control oil, volumize and add texture to flat, normal, or oily hair. Rice water/starch has been used for thousands of and has withstood the test of time. 


The Last Coat Goes on Extra Thick to Aid in Drying
The Last Coat Goes on Extra Thick to Aid in Drying


HairNerd is currently working on the patient process for our clay formulation. It’s amazing what you can find when you really do your research. I can tell you this, it’s the finest softest clay in the world. With a light coat of clay, it helps bind the starch to the paper and is naturally amazing at the job of soaking up hair oils. 

25000 packages were made with this much water
25000 packages were made with this much water


Colorado water is known for its purity, and we are happy to say twenty-five thousand packets of Shampoo Sheets is made with 200 gallons of water. This alone is huge feat in the manufacturing world. We are a closed loop system in our manufacturing process. Meaning no waste in the treatment of Shampoo Sheets. Our product is 100% biodegradable from start to finish. We hope this will be a growing trend among haircare manufactures. 

Packaging is made in Chicago by a very environmentally based company that cares about the footprint the company is making. Our packaging is also 100% Biodegradable and from 98% post-consumer recycling.

If there is an environmental hack that HairNerd can improve on for our manufacturing, we will do what it takes protect our customers and the environment HairNerd will do it.













All Shampoo Sheets ingredients and all manufacturing is Proudly Made in the USA

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