• How often should I wash my hair? This is the most common question when talking about shampoo. The answer is not very common, so ask a professional.
  • Why should I choose Dry Shampoo Sheets™ over traditional spray? Shampoo Sheets™ actually remove the hair oil (sebum) using just starch, and clay. Traditional sprays also use starch and clay. Along with 40 chemicals not produced naturally on this earth, and 10 chemicals just to keep the can from clogging. 
  • What hair types does Dry Shampoo work best with? Dry shampoo sprays really work best when not produced or used by anyone.
  • Why should I switch to Dry Shampoo Sheets™? Shampoo Sheets™ actually clean your hair, without water or without any unnatural accruing ingredients. Shampoo Sheets™ are also light weight and 100% biodegradable. Suck on that toxic polluters. 
  • What ingredients are in Dry Shampoo Sheets™? 

    We start with the softest and strongest paper, that meet all the HairNerds™ requirements of being soft and free from damaging your hair.

    • Recycled Content:
    • Post-industrial: 90%
    • Post-consumer:10%
    • Neutral Ph
    • Sulfur free.
    • Acid free.

     Starch: We use rice starch from Hol Grain its Non-GMO project verified. Certified gluten-free. Processed in a nut free facility. Hol Grain is the oldest rice mill in the USA. How cool is that! Rice starch has great oil-absorbing properties, rice starch helps control oil, volumize and add texture to flat, normal, or oily hair. Rice water/starch has been used for thousands of and has withstood the test of time. Clay: HairNerd is currently working on the patient process for our clay formulation. It’s amazing what you can find when you really do your research. I can tell you this, it’s the finest softest clay in the world. With a light coat of clay, it helps bind the starch to the paper and is naturally amazing at the job of soaking up hair oils. 

  • How do I use Shampoo Sheets™? Gently Rub or Blot starting with the oily areas. Use all dry areas of Shampoo Sheet™ before grabbing another.
  • Do Shampoo Sheets™ contain fragrance? Fragrance contains many chemicals that are toxic. Fragrance also needs a delivery system. Which is Oil and/or Alcohol. Shampoo Sheets™ don't have to mask scents Shampoo Sheets™ remove scents naturally.
  • How does clay and starch make my hair less greasy? Starch and Clay are the best to fight over active oil producing glands. Not only removes oil, but adds lots of volume to the hair.