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Dry Shampoo Sprinkle

Dry Shampoo Sprinkle

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Our dry shampoo is made using the finest naturally sourced ingredients from around the world, providing a safe and effective alternative to traditional products. Our unique blend is designed to soothe the scalp while removing excess dirt and sebum, allowing your hair to maintain its radiance without having to wash it. Derived from French Clay, Rhassoul and Siddah Sikkappu, our formula has healing properties that achieve the desired look while reducing dryness and improving scalp clarity.

French Clay is known for its skin-healing minerals and helps to soothe the scalp, preventing irritation. It is a naturally darker clay that works perfectly for both brunettes and blondes alike. Rhassoul is a natural cleanser that contains no artificial colors. It removes excess dirt and sebum from the skin's surface, allowing your pores to breathe. The mineral composition of Rhassoul also helps to reduce skin dryness and improve skin clarity. Siddha Sikkappu is a red algae extract powder blend that is carefully combined with chinaberry extract. This variety comes in powder form and is inherently dark in appearance due to the botanicals used. Our dry shampoo is made in Littleton, Colorado, by HairNerd. It is 100% biodegradable and made from recycled paper that contains zero plastic.

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